About Cohs

Cohs is a freelancer, an artist who explores life because her daughter, who got exposed and connected to Angelic energy while she was finding the answer to《 Why am I here? 》

She unexpectedly discovered that her daughter had special spiritual sight and the ability to connect with angels.

Through the guidelines of her 9-year-old daughter, she was able to use the power of spirit to transform life from 《mind》.

That, in turn, encouraged her to complete her first book the《 Life Experiment / 地球生命實驗》(Traditional Chinese Edition).

Cohs lived and worked in international trading in Hong Kong for more than 15 years. During those days, she had some doubts on her life and therefore, embarked on a path to self spiritual healing. Through meditation and mandala painting, she was able to find the essence of her soul《 Love》, to recover her inner peace and to find her mission in life.

Cohs is from Taiwan. She currently lives in France with her French husband and is a co-founder of a CNC Machine business. She promotes CNC products and courses between Taiwan and France. She created this space to share her own experience about mandala painting, meditation, spiritual Angels and to inspire others.




一位自由工作者因為女兒而探索生命,尋找我為何而來卻意外連結天使能量,更意外的發現女兒擁有驚人的靈視力,透過當時9歲高靈女兒的教導,運用心靈力量如何從《心》改造命運,進而創造豐盛與自由的生命實驗故事,收錄在她的第一本著作《Life Experiment/地球生命實驗》。


Cohs 原籍台灣,目前與法國籍先生旅居法國,在台灣開發Makerslide Taiwan 鋁擠型提供給Maker(自造者)們DIY桌上型CNC雕刻機或3D列印機使用的滑軌,並在法國自創公司,負責CNC (數位雕刻機)課程推廣,銷售CNC到台灣及法國高職學校及小企業,同時在此分享她的曼陀羅繪畫靜心及天使能量訊息圖卡寫作的斜槓人生,希望藉此能鼓舞他人。

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